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£16 Million Goes on Headhunters Every Single Year in the NHS

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Andrew Lansley, the government’s Health Secretary, has made it clear that he wants to practically halve the amount of cash that goes on managers in the NHS. This is due to take place over a four year period.

But the most recent figures to be released show that a massive amount is still being shelled out to headhunt managers for the NHS. A whopping £16 million is being given out to recruitment firms to find the best staff for various managerial roles. The most reported example of such headhunting involved a primary care trust paying a total of £111,000 to a recruitment firm. The trust wanted to fill the position of its chief executive, but despite the recruitment firm getting involved the trust ended up giving the promotion to the deputy chief executive instead.

The details were revealed under recent Freedom of Information data. Many people within the nursing profession are currently concerned about the safety of their jobs and their wages. Some newspapers have pointed out that the figures over the previous three years mean that virtually £50 million has been spent in this way. This is money that could have gone towards thousands of essential operations – operations that are currently being cut back on because of the reduction in spending across the NHS.

Clearly this is not a story that will go away any time soon. We shall be watching to see whether the promised 45% reduction in managerial headhunting will indeed occur over the promised time frame.

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