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3000 Fat Cat Salaries would pay for 13,000 Nurses

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Scotland’s NHS is experiencing a critical cash shortage, but it’s still managing to pay over 3000 clinicians, managers and executives a salary of over £100,000.  Last November saw ministers vowing to make ‘robust’ alterations to these film star level salaries, but to date the number of people receiving them remains unchanged.

The £300 million annual wage bill would be enough to pay for over 13,000 nurses.  However, rather than do that, nearly 2,000 nurses have been slashed from the NHS payroll as a means to save money.

In comparison to other salaries, these enormous wage packets put 3,071 NHS workers earning more than a Scottish minister’s annual earnings of £84,000.  Last year’s figures also showed that 800 of these elite NHS workers earned more than Scotland’s First Minister, Alex Salmond’s £138,765 yearly pay.

Tayside, Lothian and Greater Glasgow and Clyde have been pinpointed as having the most members of staff receiving these eye-watering salaries.  87 of the total are executives, with the remaining 2,854 being clinical staff.

Amidst new calls for the Scottish government to rein in these crazy salaries, a spokesperson has defended the high pay scales.  She says that whilst there are around 150,000 NHS employees in Scotland, only a small percentage of these receive such salaries.  Most of these levels of pay are to senior clinical and frontline staff who deal directly with patients.  She also went on to assure that the Scottish government is taking firm measures to curb rising pay for senior managers.

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