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Labour Condemns Reforms Process

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Labour has condemned the NHS reforms process as “rushed and reckless,” as the coalition decide not to allow full scrutiny of the reform amendments.

Shadow health secretary John Healey said, “The way David Cameron’s government is dealing with the NHS and parliament is a disgrace,” before adding, “NHS patients and staff have seen a wasted year of chaos, confusion and incompetence. It’s clear today this will continue, with the NHS set to be deeply mired in more centralisation, more complex bureaucracy and more wasted cost in the years to come.”

It was announced last week that the original health and social care bill is to undergo 160 amendments after a listening pause allowed any uncertainties to be raised. But Labour’s fight against the reform seems to be far from over.

Health minister Simon Burns declared yesterday that only parts of the bill would be looked at again, but added that, “No fair-minded person can claim that we are not subjecting the Bill to the closest possible scrutiny.”

“We do not believe that it is necessary for the entire bill to be recommitted in order for proper scrutiny to take place. Indeed, we feel very strongly that that would unnecessarily delay the progress of the Bill to the ultimate detriment of patients.”

The Prime Minister supported Mr burns statement in a press conference on Tuesday stating that “When we were in opposition we used to dream of getting ten days to debate a bill!”

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