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Cameron Announces Changes to NHS Reform Proposals

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David Cameron has announced changes to the original Health Reforms bill in a bid to rally more support from the Lib Dems and health professionals.

Firstly, with regards to creating competition, Cameron stressed that competition helps to improve services, but that it should be used as a means to an end to achieve this improvement. He stated that he aimed to create “a genuine level playing field, so the best providers flourish and patients get a real choice.” What’s more, he praised Tony Blair for allowing private providers to access the NHS.

Secondly, Cameron announced that he would create, not only GP led commissioning, but clinically led commissioning adding, “we will also introduce clinical senates where groups of doctors and healthcare professionals come together to take an overview of the integration of care across a wide area.”

Thirdly, he confirmed that the 2013 deadline for the creation of GP led consortiums in control of a large portion of budgeting would be scrapped adding, “”we will make sure local commissioning only goes ahead when groups of GPs are good and ready.”

He also assured listeners that the pre-election promise to continually increase the NHS budget would stick.

Finally, Cameron continued to stress how important reforms will be to keep the NHS afloat. He concluded, “We have to change the NHS to avoid a crisis tomorrow. That is what will happen if we don’t. More overstretch, more over-crowding, the NHS buckling under the pressure of an ageing population and the rising costs of treatments.”

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