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Cost of NHS Reforms Set to Rise Again

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The cost of the government’s NHS reforms is rising by £1m a day according to new figures.

In a spreadsheet released by the Department of Health last week, it was revealed that the cost is now set to reach £1.49bn, a rise of £160m since the last estimate 6 months ago.

The health bill has since undergone scrutiny from the future forum, a committee set up to revise and advise on plans after criticism over the range of plans.

Analysis by the Health Service Journal suggests that moving control of budgets to Gps has cost £228m since last July whilst trade unions claim three quarters of the cost will go towards redundancy payments of around 20 000 staff.

John Healey, shadow health secretary said, “People will be shocked at the scale of wasted cost due to David Cameron’s NHS upheaval.

“These new figures, slipped out by the Department of Health, show that the costs of this unnecessary reorganisation are spiralling out of control.

“The government is forcing these changes without knowing how much they will cost and before they have been approved by parliament. The last year has been a wasted year for the NHS, with services being cut back and long waiting times returning.”

The Department of Health have said that the benefits will “far outweigh” the costs. They also added that between 1999 to 2009, under the labour government, the number of managers within the health service increased from 23, 378 to 42,509, the difference of which is similar to the number of redundancies made.


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