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Cost of Reform Listening Exercise to Reach “£100,000 Tops”

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The cost of carrying out the listening exercise in light of objections to NHS reforms was fairly minimal according to Richard Douglas, director general for policy, strategy and finance at the Department of Health.

The cost of the listening exercise, carried out to give health professionals the chance to air any concerns about the government’s new health and social care bill, will reach, “tens of thousands of pounds, maybe £100,000 tops,” he suggested.

Speaking at the House of Commons health committee, Douglas also added that he does not anticipate the changes to be made as a consequence of the listening exercise, “will have a significant impact on cost.”

“The cost in terms of the impact and the changes resulting from it we will have when we produce the impact assessment for the bill, which will be when it enters the House of Lords, and we will have the final cost of it then.”

However Douglas stated that he “wouldn’t want to quote a figure,” at this time, in estimation to the amount of savings the amendments to the reforms might generate.

Calls to disclose the cost of carrying out the listening exercise came after the publication of a document on the government website exposing the number of meetings that took place all over the country between 12th April and 31st May.

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