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Could the NHS Save £1 Billion By Using its Land More Efficiently?

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Much has been made recently of the need to save money across all areas of society but a recent report has indicated that the NHS could be wasting as much as £1 billion due to inefficient use of its buildings and the land it owns.

Consultancy firm EC Harris has released a report that sheds alarming light on the cash that is being wasted in this area every year. If even a fraction of this wastage was redirected to pay for patient care, there would undoubtedly be a noticeable difference in the NHS.

The energy and associated running costs for the NHS are estimated to fall into the region of £7 billion every year. According to EC Harris some £248 million could be saved on an annual basis if only half of their disused buildings were knocked down. When all savings are taken into consideration this adds up to £1 billion.

There was some good news in the report however, which was compiled after intensive research using facts and figures released by the NHS. Over the course of a single year the amount of NHS estate that has not been used has fallen by a third. The amount of space still underused according to the latest figures for 2009-10 will add up to 7.4%.

The report has certainly made interesting reading, particularly in the light of the government’s drive to make changes in the NHS. It is clear that focusing on ways to reduce the number of buildings standing empty is a sure way of reducing costs, both in the short and the long term.

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