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Counted4 CEO Says ‘Let Staff Go’

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John Devitt, CEO of Sunderland community interest company, Counted4, has made clear his thoughts on where the refocus of the NHS should be heading.

In his opinion, and perhaps an opinion held by many, the NHS is still far too top heavy with management and senior staff as opposed to those who are the lifeblood of the service – frontline staff.

Mr Devitt’s opinion is that the proposed reforms offer a real opportunity for the NHS to change for the better – but only if the changes implemented are done with the public’s best interests at heart, instead of those who work in the sector.

He says that if professional staff are leaving the NHS in droves, as has been reported, then just let them go.  We need to get back to the basic fact that the NHS is there, first and foremost, to serve the public.  The majority of frontline staff work in the service because that is what they want to do, not because they expect the service to pander to them for their entire working life.  Most of them are dedicated to their jobs and open to change when they can see a direct benefit to the members of the public whom they serve.

According to Mr Devitt, the reforms, if done correctly, could be just what the service needs.  But if, and only if, it means that frontline positions are not sacrificed for yet more management and senior positions.  Sadly, many so called ‘reforms’ only serve to shift mangers into different positions, rather than directing funds to where they are so desperately needed – on the frontline.

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