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Egg Donors to Receive Threefold Increase in Expenses Payments

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A threefold increase in compensation means egg donors in the UK are one of the best off in Europe.

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) currently compensate donors up to £250 to cover their loss of earnings plus an unlimited amount to further cover expenses such as transport to clinic.

Generally, the overall cost per donor averages at around £500. However, the agreement by HFEA today means that all donors will receive a total fee of £750 per donation to cover all expenses.

The reasons for this, put forward by the authority, suggest that under the current system donors are left out of pocket, hence discouraging donation when it is severely needed.

Professor of law at London School of Economics, Emily Jackson, suggested that donors find it ‘demeaning’ to claim for a couple of pounds bus fare and so don’t bother and allow themselves to become out of pocket.

Agreements were also made to allow payments of £35 per donor for sperm donations to replace the current £250 maximum limit for multiple visits.

However, Lancaster Universities professor of philosophy and public policy stated, “I have worries about monetary recompense for recognition of donation,” and added that pocketing from donations could undermine the altruistic nature of the act of donation.

Danielle Hamm, HFEA’s policy officer reminded critics, “This is not an exact science, it’s a judgement,” before adding that a £750 flat rate is not a huge jump from the current average of £500

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