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Figures Reveal Further Costs of Dealing with Obesity

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The overstretched NHS has paid out over £25m to accommodate grossly obese patients over the past 5 years, new figures have revealed.

Furthermore, as 23 out of 138 trusts have been asked to disclose their expenditure on specialist equipment, it is expected the true figure may be even higher.

Equipment brought includes reinforced beds, strengthened operating tables, wider stretchers, larger commodes and even bigger fridges for hospital mortuaries that can withhold bodies of up to 50 stone.

Across the country, costs included over £42,000 on seven bigger birthing beds for overweight women in Lancashire, £3,000 on one set of scales in Swindon and in Salisbury, almost £50,000 on 4 autopsy tables able to endure up to 53 stone bodies.

However, this figure does not include the cost of treatments or professional care and home based equipment that assist overweight people in dealing with weight related ailments.

Speaking about the increasing costs of obesity on the NHS, the Department of Health stated that trusts should be meeting the demands of the patients in the area, and that patients should have access to the equipment the need which includes, “specialist equipment for obese patients.”

They added though that they were “encouraging” patients to change their lifestyles and help themselves by diet and exercise.

However, last week, doctors suggested that by 2030, up to half of the population will be obese, and so this cost is expected to spiral.

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