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Flu Jab Only Accepted By One in Three NHS Staff

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The Department of Health has released information showing that only one in every three staff members working for the NHS are receiving the flu jab each year. Only 30% of nurses received the vaccination last year, prompting concerns that they could be putting patients at risk by not getting the protection they need.

There was a big difference between the number of practice nurses working in GP surgeries who had the jab, and those working in hospitals. A total of 42.5% of practice nurses got the jab, whereas just 30% of hospital nurses did.

The Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies said that nurses “keep the NHS running.” She also went on to say that staff should “plan ahead and get vaccinated.”

Clearly it is hoped that more NHS staff get the flu jab this year. The uptake among other health practitioners, including GPs, was also low. If it were to be increased there would be less chance of these essential members of staff going sick at a time when they are arguably needed the most. There would also be less chance of them passing flu onto patients who may be particularly at risk of getting it.

There was an increase in the number of NHS staff being vaccinated between 2009 and 2010. But clearly it is still not enough and it is hoped that more staff get the jab this year, to prevent the possible spread of flu among the general population.

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