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Foreign Nurses Could Cause Problems, According to Lord Winston

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Lord Winston is known for his familiar bushy moustache and his appearances on various BBC medically related programmes. But now he has spoken out about the potential danger posed by some foreign nurses working in the NHS.

In his statement to his fellow peers, Lord Winston said that “communication between the patient and the professional is of vital importance.” He went on to say that the quality of communication could be put in jeopardy by using foreign nurses who are not adept at speaking English.

Lord Winston mentioned nurses who come from Bulgaria and Romania in his speech. He also pointed out that nurses from other countries are not trained in the same way as they would be in the UK. This can lead to problems that are experienced by patients who have to try to communicate with someone who does not have English as their first language. This is in addition to dealing with the stress and worry of being in hospital in the first place.

EU laws are said to be to blame for the present situation. They state that nurses from foreign countries cannot be tested by the Nursing and Midwifery Council on their language skills. But as Lord Winston has pointed out, this could lead to multiple problems when it comes to dealing with patients.

It remains to be seen whether Lord Winston’s comments lead to any changes in this part of the NHS. One suspects they will not.

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