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“Genuine Opportunities” for Private Sector to Move into NHS

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The new NHS reforms will offer “genuine opportunities” for areas of the NHS to be taken over by the private sector according to the Health Minister responsible for pushing the bill through parliament the House of Lords.

Speaking at an independent Healthcare forum today Lord Howe said that although the NHS will “not give up their patients easily,” opportunities are there for public sector companies to become involved.

However, he added that it shouldn’t be seen as was to make a “fast buck” but a chance to, “stand on your own merits against the best the public sector has to offer to bring new levels of choice and quality to patients.”

In answer to a question posed by pulse, he also suggested that the private sector would be offered opportunities in commissioning support, “You may well find joint commissioning between CCGs in different kind of support services…there will be big opportunities for the private sector here.”

His talk comes as MP’s prepare to vote on the new Health and Social Care Bill that could see it move into the House of Lords.

Deputy chair of GPC, Dr Richard Vautrey responded by confirming that, “the NHS is not a place to earn a quick book.”

However, he proceeded to suggest that this could encourage private companies to “cherry pick the easier more profitable work, leading to a two tier service (with the)…more vulnerable potentially getting a second class service.”

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