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GP’s are facing a ‘sad litany of threat, uncertainty and criticism.’

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Chairman of the British Medical Association tells the Cardiff conference that GP’s are facing a ‘sad litany of threat, uncertainty and criticism.’

Dr Hamish Meldrum stated that in addition to the responsibility of being at the forefront of NHS reforms, GP’s face a ‘drip feed of media attacks’, ‘threats to their contracts’, the ‘madness’ of proposals to scrap practice boundaries and the undermining of their NHS pensions.

“It’s a sad litany of threat, uncertainty and criticism that gnaws away at the professionalism and dedication of those we represent,” he declared.

He added that ‘these are very difficult times’ for the NHS, and said: “The only way the NHS can come through, is for there to be a real and shared commitment between all of us who have a stake in its future , a commitment to build trust; trust between and amongst governments, staff, employers, patients and the public.”

With regards to the reforms in general, Dr Meldrum believe that despite the significant alterations in the right direction, ‘there is still a lot to play for, still much detail to be devilled out, still much else we want to change’.

The British Medical Association will continue its fight against the divisive features of the healthcare market in England, “Doctors are not afraid of competition – in fact, they thrive on it. They want to know that they are working as well, if not better than their colleagues. But that is quite different from the unfettered, free market of the industrial world, because the NHS must never be like that.”

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