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Hospital Admissions for Dog Bites are on the Rise

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According to the most recent statistics released by the NHS Information Centre, the number of cases where people are admitted to hospital after having been bitten by a dog are on the rise.

The latest figures run from May 2010 to April 2011, and they reveal that there has been an increase of five per cent during that time compared with the same period the year before. From May 2009 to April 2010 a total of 5,810 people were admitted for treatment following a dog bite. This went up to 6,120 admissions for the most recent period.

More incidents were reported and logged during the hotter months of the year, with children under the age of ten accounting for one sixth of all those admitted. This accounts for just over a thousand of the total number of admissions.

The chief executive of the NHS Information Centre, Tim Straughan, said: “Our statistics show that the summer is a seasonal hotspot for admissions to hospital for injuries caused by dogs.”

Furthermore the North West of the country was revealed to be the place with the highest number of dog bite admissions. The total number here was 1,090 people.

The degree of treatment required for a dog bite depends on the severity of the attack. The most recent year for which data is available has included some nasty attacks on children, as well as other attacks which have not been quite as severe. One hopes the number will decrease next year.


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