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Kids are Not as Keen on Going to the Dentist

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This may not come as a surprise to everyone, but according to the latest information from the NHS Information Centre, fewer kids are now visiting the dentist.

The information was compared to the data that was released for the period running from 2004 to 2006. The decline in numbers amounted to some 26,000 children going without dental visits since the earlier period for which data was available. This represents a percentage decrease of 0.3%.

But interestingly enough the total number of children now seeing a dentist is up on recent years. This may sound like a strange thing to say given the statistic indicated above, but in fact it is true. 2006 was the year that a new dental contract came in for England. This led to a drop in the number of kids being seen, but the figures are now starting to rise again?

So where does this lead us to for the future?

The data released by the NHS Information Centre reveals that the total number of dental patients being seen and treated by dentists is actually on the up. This in itself is encouraging, and means that more people are getting the treatment they need. Over time it is hoped that more and more children will visit the dentist on a regular basis.

A spokesman stated that access to the service was getting better. But he also said that they would need to do more to improve still further.


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