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Labour accuse Government of Worsening Inequality Withing NHS

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The Labour party have accused David Cameron of worsening inequality within the NHS.

Labour say that poorer areas such as Manchester and Liverpool are going to lose funding but affluent areas such as Surrey and Oxfordshire are set to gain money. They also argue that those areas set to gain are predominantly Conservative compared to the Labour dominated North West.

The figures have been brought about due to a significant way in which Primary Care Trusts are allocated resources and the weighting given to “health inequalities.”

By changing the weighting from 15% to 10% poorer towns will be entitled to less money.

John Healey, Shadow health secretary stated that these figured were “shocking” and will likely hit services that promote healthy eating, help people to quit smoking and raise awareness of sexual health.

He added, “”They will make it harder to prevent the big killers like heart disease and cancer, and increase the cost of poor health for everyone in the long run.”

He also noted the political dimensions to the funding decisions as the areas that have been left worse off are mainly Labour dominated areas.

In response, the conservative government say that an independent panel has found no “technical basis” for higher weighting of health inequalities.

They also stated that NHS spending is higher under the conservative government than it would have been under Labour, adding that labour have scored and “own goal” by criticising government spending plans.

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