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Labour Leader Attacks PM Over Welfare Provided for Cancer Patients

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Prime Minister David Cameron had to fend off repeated questioning from the Labour leader Ed Miliband recently, as the latter asked why cancer patients would be “penalised” as part of the welfare reforms taking place. The discussion took place during the regular Prime Minister’s Questions.

Macmillan Cancer Support has already spoken up about its concerns about the welfare reforms and how they will affect cancer patients. The reforms will mean that people will have their benefits means tested after 12 months. This applies to cancer sufferers as well as others, and Ed Miliband questioned why approximately 7,000 cancer sufferers could end up “losing £94 a week.”

The PM defended the welfare reforms and stated that vulnerable people would continue to receive support. He pointed to the “proper medical tests” that would be done to determine who could and who couldn’t go to work. He went on to say that the coalition government would “make sure that those who can work have to go out to work so that we don’t reward bad behaviour.”

The Department for Work and Pensions later released a statement indicating that “recovering cancer patients who are assessed as still needing unconditional Government support will be placed in the support group of ESA and will see no change to their benefit entitlement after 12 months.”

Needless to say the controversy over welfare reform is set to continue. David Cameron stated that “it’s just a disappointment that Labour talk about welfare but won’t vote for welfare reform.”

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