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Milliband challenges PM over NHS reforms

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Yesterday’s Prime Minister’s Questions turned into a bitter exchange of accusations between Labour leader Ed Milliband and the PM over controversial NHS reforms. After plans for reform were put on hold last month, Milliband yesterday accused the Conservative leader of conducting a ‘sham’ consultation exercise and claimed it was proof that he thought something had gone wrong. 

Cameron confirmed that the reason for the delay is that the government is determined to get the reforms right. He also confirmed that he had received a letter containing the signatures of 42 significant GP’s urging reforms to go ahead claiming they are “good for patients.” They insist the reforms would benefit the most elderly and vulnerable people in society.

Milliband retaliated by highlighting figures published on Wednesday which suggest that NHS waiting times have risen threefold since this time last year. He also accused the Prime Minister of allowing members of his cabinet to take the wrap for Conservative shortcomings, “This morning in the papers we see the universities minister being dumped on for his tuition fees policy, we see the schools secretary being dumped on for his free schools policy and the poor deputy prime minister, he just gets dumped on every day of the week.”

 Cameron concluded the bitter row by stating that the Labour party should “be seriously engaging in how we make sure we have a strong NHS for all our people in the future.” He confirmed that, “there will be significant and substantial changes to the reforms because we want to get them right, because we want to guarantee an NHS, free at the point of use, available on need rather than ability to pay.”

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