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More Gastric Bands for the Under 25s

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According to the latest figures gastric bands are becoming far more common in the under 25s. The figures reveal that a total of 55 people in this age group had a gastric band fitted in the period 2006/7. Fast forward to the 2009/10 period and that number has increased to 2010. This is roughly four times as many people under 25 having the operation now as compared to just a few short years ago. The youngest people to have it done were just fifteen years old.

This sharp rise in figures has led to concern from some eating disorder groups. They believe that not all young people are getting the right degree of help and assistance both before the surgery and afterwards. Some people also question whether other ways of losing weight are being tried first. Gastric band surgery should always be viewed as a last resort, after other methods of weight loss have been tried.

An essential part of the gastric band surgery is getting psychological support, and yet some believe this is not being offered. A gastric band operation results in having to eat much smaller meals in order to avoid feeling sick. This occurs because the stomach is made much smaller when the band is fitted.

The biggest problem seems to occur when patients have the surgery as a way to combat weight gain experienced through binge eating. Unless the proper psychological support is received as well as the surgery, there is a chance that the overall problem will still be present.

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