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NHS Computer System Scrapped

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The NHS IT system that was developed while Labour was in power is finally going to be scrapped. The coalition has decided that it is best to get out now and prevent any further funds being lost. The total amount of money wasted – taxpayer’s money – is said to be in the region of £12 billion. Some people think the true cost could be far higher.

The National Audit Office had already reported that it was unwise to pour more money into a scheme that has been beset by delays and disputes, not to mention disagreements between those involved in the creation of the project.

A source for the Department of Health called the scheme “too ambitious”. Prime Minister David Cameron had previously stated that he was considering ditching the scheme. It would appear that he has decided to do just that, in the face of the austerity measures implemented by the coalition government.

NHS Trusts will now be able to choose their own computer system according to their needs. This will result in a different system for each trust, instead of the ‘one size fits all’ approach that was favoured by the last Labour government and led to the disastrous NHS IT system that is now being ditched.

The news of the cancellation of the scheme came as George Osborne, the Chancellor for the coalition government, gave a warning of a black hole in his plans to reduce the national deficit. The black hole amounts to £12 billion – ironically the same amount wasted on the failed IT system.

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