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NHS Dentists Failing on Many Levels

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Following an undercover investigation into both NHS and private dentist treatment, it appears both are failing to give patients the treatment they deserve.

In the case of NHS dentists, they are paid on a three-fold scale.  Because of this, some dentists are routinely opting for less time-consuming tooth extractions, as opposed to more lengthy treatment such as root canals.  And although it is good practice to give patients advice on oral care, many NHS dentists are failing because they are not paid to do so.

A new pilot project is being tested by the government.  The aim is to ensure that NHS dentists will receive payment based on the quality of care given, along with patient satisfaction.  However, there are worries that the project simply won’t be able to come up with the necessary funding to make it a success.

Professor Dunne, of Kings College Hospital Primary Dental Care says that the results of this investigations show worrying tendencies of dentists to cut corners for the sake of profits.  However, although he agrees that the principles of the government’s pilot project are good, he’s concerned about enough finances being available.

But Professor Wagner Marcenes at the Queen Mary University of London says that the pilot project shows great promise.  It will encourage dentists to provide a high quality of oral health and patient satisfaction

The survey carried out investigated 10 NHS dentists and 10 private dentists.  Although only small, the Department of Health have said they will take the findings into consideration.

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