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NHS Reforms Already Being Rolled Out

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NHS Reforms and What They Mean to YouSome of Andrew Lansley’s NHS reforms are already being implemented across the country. The head of a doctors’ group said that new GP consortium’s have taken over from managers across the country, and are attempting to save money improve patient care by reducing pressure on hospitals.

These changes have been bitterly criticised by health professionals and MPs who fear it could lead to ‘back door privatisation’, hence the Prime Minister has ‘paused’ the passing of the bill.

Dr John Lister, director of the London Health Emergency campaign group argued, “the idea family doctors were being put in charge of commissioning was just an illusion. I think instead they’re going to find that instead of being able to plan these elaborate new services we would all welcome for patients, they’re going to wind up as rationing committees, deciding what to close down as Andrew Lansley’s cuts take place.”

However, Dr Dixon of the NHS alliance believes the negative feelings expressed are a result of GP’s feeling daunted by increased responsibilities. He was also keen to express some of the positive outcomes of the new system, “The evidence is in our report, showing over 20 commissioning groups already delivering better services for their patients and also delivering them more cost-effectively. For instance, in this country the use of hospitals is disproportionately more than anywhere else in the world and those commissioning groups are showing how they can look after patients better in the community.”

“We feel that if we can make sure the NHS is delivering change and improvement from the bottom up instead of having to listen to targets coming down from Whitehall, that often don’t mean much to us, we can actually make a difference.”

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