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NHS School for Parents

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It’s been a lament echoed by parents over the millennia – that you don’t get taught how to be a parent.  Well, if the latest government plans come to fruition then that might well be a thing of the past.

Prime Minister, David Cameron, has long been arguing that much of the problems in the country are caused by the lack of ability by some parents to bring up children with acceptable moral boundaries.  Further fuelled by last month’s riots, plans are now being drawn up that will allow the NHS to deliver parenting guidelines to couples and single parents.

So far it’s not clear how these ‘classes’ would be delivered, but it’s thought that email would be a relevant and cost-effective method.

Taking this one step further, discussions are also under way to give courts the powers to remove benefits such as child maintenance and child benefits for parents who allow their children to play truant from school or cause trouble.  Other issues being considered include the removal of tax credits and other benefits as a temporary measure if a child commits a crime for which the parents could be held responsible.

The role of the NHS has not yet been defined in this radical program – however it’s been suggested that along with email, the NHS might also offer physical classes for those who show real need of parenting guidance.

A spokesperson said that whilst it’s true that many parents do go out and purchase books on parenting, many simply don’t have a clue where to begin.

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