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NHS Waiting Times are Much Worse Under the Coalition

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According to recent figures released by the Department of Health, the coalition government’s record for waiting times on the NHS has been getting steadily worse over the past months.

The figures have revealed that the recommended waiting times indicated by the government have been breached on many more occasions than has occurred in the past. The percentage increase is rated as 48%.

Two very different stories have emerged as a result of these figures however. Apparently the overall picture is that waiting times are being met for the most part. But drilling down into the figures reveals that waiting times vary by a huge amount up and down the country. This has led to a so called ‘postcode lottery’, with some areas receiving faster treatment than others.

When the coalition government came into power, one of the tasks that Health Secretary Andrew Lansley undertook was to review the waiting times targets that were then in place. It is believed that these changes have helped to fuel the current spiralling increase in waiting times. In England the number of trusts that have breached the target for seeing referrals from GPs is now 45. That number was previously just 12, illustrating how very different the situation is at the moment when compared to the situation in the NHS before the coalition came to power.

The situation has also led to more worries over whether PM David Cameron is capable of improving the NHS. Some think he may be doing the exact opposite.

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