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NHS Wastes Millions of Pounds of Taxpayer’s Money Every Year

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The NHS is wasting millions of pounds every day on basic equipment and goods.

Eastern and Coastal Kent NHS Trust has revealed that coeliac sufferers can no longer have some gluten free products on prescription given that they were being charged almost £50 for a £2 pack of gluten free pasta.

Alison Issott, assistant director of medicines management at the Trust said that, ‘It will cost £5 from the manufacturer, plus a £1 dispensing fee, £1 pharmacy fee and a delivery charge up to £40.”

She added, ‘As a wide range of gluten-free products are now available in the supermarkets, which was not previously the case, it is felt reasonable and fair to expect people to buy some of their own foods, as we do not pay for food for patients with other long-term food intolerances.”

She concluded that, “While we do not wish to add to the burdens on patients we must ensure equity and best use of NHS resources.”
A report by the National Audit Office found further shocking discoveries of waste. In some hospitals different departments are unnecessarily buying the same equipment at hugely differing prices. They also found that the difference between prices paid on single products was massive, with the range paid for one item at 180 per cent from cheapest to most expensive.

Furthermore, it was revealed that thousands of desk workers are driving top of the range rental cars at the expense of the taxpayer.

The National Audit office predicted that millions of pounds a year could be saved if the number of orders was reduced to the level achieved by the top 25% of trusts.

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