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Nick Clegg Vows to Ensure that NHS Reforms are Agreed before Implementation

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Nick Clegg appeared on the Andrew Marr show this morning vowing to stop NHS Reforms with the statement that “no bill is better than a bad one”. He called for “substantial, significant changes” to the bill, promising that he would veto the current plans unless the changes were made.

The recent disastrous results in local elections has convinced Clegg that he must be seen to stand up and make his voice heard in the coalition if the loss of more than 700 councillors in England is to be reversed in the future. His championing of the Alternative Vote was also comprehensively rejected by the great British public and the deputy PM needs to recover quickly if his rapid rise in the political rankings is to be maintained. He added that he wanted to be personally satisfied that “what these changes do is an evolutionary change in the NHS and not a disruptive one”.

The labour leader ED Milliband encouraged Lib Dem voters to join the Labour party and fight the plans. George Osborne added to the debate by confirming that the changes would go ahead and trying to reassure the public that he believed in the NHS as a public service free at the point of use. He added that “We want to carry health professionals with us as well as the public in reforming an institution which is very dear to everyone’s hearts.”

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