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Obesity – The 21st Century ‘Must Have’ Fashion Accessory

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It appears that the UK is in the grip of a seemingly uncontrollable frenzy – that of becoming severely overweight.

The Lancet Medical Journal has published research that shows quite how bad the obesity epidemic has become in Britain, with levels rising on an almost daily basis.  If the current trend continues, the statistics predict that by the year 2030 that 43 per cent of women and an astounding 48 per cent of men will be obese.

Of course, this presents the NHS with an ever increasing problem, with health issues related to being overweight increasing pro-rata.  It’s estimated that with the predicted rise in obesity related cases of diabetes, heart disease and cancer patients that the service will need to find an extra £12 billion per year to provide both diagnosis and treatment for patients.

This estimated rise in obesity figures is blamed on the simple facts of too much rich food and too little exercise.  Although it’s also being suggested that the various NHS policymakers are simply lacking in the will necessary to make harsh decisions over how to cope with this ever-growing problem.

Over the next 20 years the report has predicted than obesity will cause more than 130.000 cases of cancer, 668,000 cases of diabetes and 461,000 cases of heart disease.

But this pales almost into insignificance when compared with the rising obesity levels in the USA.  There it’s predicted that by 2030 there will be an increase in obese adults of 65 million, bringing the nationwide total to a staggering 164 million.  This would increase healthcare costs by US$60 billion.

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