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Patient Data Lost By NHS Trust

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The Eastern and Coastal Kent Primary Care Trust has found itself in deep water after accidentally sending a CD filled with personal patient information to a landfill. The CD was said to contain the details of 1.6 million patients in the area. The information included the patients’ addresses, NHS numbers and other sensitive information.

The loss occurred when an office was cleared out. The person responsible for the move did not realise the CD was held in a filing cabinet, which was then sent to the landfill. According to various reports, officials should have notified the manager moving the office that the CD was there so the appropriate action could have been taken.

Once the mistake was realised, those in charge attempted to recover the CD, but to no avail. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) became involved in the incident. They discovered that those involved were not appropriately trained on how to handle the sensitive information on the CD. They had not taken part in information governance training, which could have led to a very different outcome where the information was not lost. The ICO was however satisfied that there was no malicious intent. It seems clear that the information was not used by anyone else.

The chief executive of the Eastern and Coastal Kent Primary Care Trust, Ann Sutton, said that “the most recent information was from 2002.” No clinical information was involved in the loss, but measures were being taken to ensure this did not happen again.

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