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Politicians Must Be Supportive of NHS Changes

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The Chief Executive of the NHS, Sir David Nicholson, has laid down a stark warning about the role of politicians concerning the reform of the NHS. He was speaking about the prospect of having to make £20 billion worth of changes to the National Health Service. He said that all politicians from all parties needed to support the changes and provide a clear message to the public about what the changes might mean for them.

“Some parts of the NHS will not do everything in the future,” Sir Nicholson said. He pointed out several areas where this was the case, including acute wards such as stroke wards.

He also used the word “dangerous” when referring to the prospect of politicians not choosing to support the large and sweeping changes that will happen. He said that it was possible that politicians would not give their support to the large changes afoot, but that if this were the case it would create “a real problem”.

He spoke about another controversial area of the NHS too – management. Apparently a lot of politicians did not understand why NHS managers were so valuable to begin with. He then went on to say “I’m absolutely convinced, at the highest level in the government, they get what management does. We make it happen. We provide leadership.”

It remains to be seen whether politicians pay attention to Sir David Nicholson’s comments and provide the necessary support to the NHS in the coming weeks and months.

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