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Prime Minister David Cameron Breaks NHS Election Pledge on Spending

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One of the main pledges that David Cameron made in his pre-election manifesto last year – a manifesto that eventually got him into 10 Downing Street as the Prime Minister – was to increase spending on the NHS. He pledged that the spending would increase in ‘real terms’ every single year.

However figures recently released by the Treasury have revealed that in the very first year of the coalition government, spending on the NHS has dropped. Spending has decreased by £0.8 billion over the twelve month period, leading Labour to criticise Mr Cameron for not holding his promises.

“We see now that the Tory led government has already cut spending on the NHS in its first year,” said John Healey, the shadow Health Secretary. “On top of this cut Cameron’s reckless NHS organisation is set to cost £2 billion.”

The shadow Health Secretary also went on to say that the £2 billion of cuts would have been better spent if it had gone to help patients. He also reminded people of the additional cuts that would be made in the future.

However George Osborne stated that the coalition government had gone ahead and stuck with the final year of plans that the former Labour government had put in place, rather than pressing ahead with their own. It was these plans that led to the figures stated, which have been disputed by some in any case. The Institute for Fiscal Studies stated that spending “had increased in cash terms but had fallen, or at the very least been frozen, in real terms.”


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