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After months of objections from politicians and charities, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley yesterday confirmed that the cancer networks, which help aid Primary Care Trusts in the treatment of cancer patients, will be safe when reforms are put into place. Until now Lansley had made clear that it would be up to the proposed GP consortiums as to which services would receive funding, but last night he announced that the government, “will fund and support cancer networks in 2012-13, (and) the NHS commissioning board will thereafter continue to support strengthened cancer …

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The NHS reforms currently under debate have led to demands from MP’s that the government needs to ensure plans are in place to make sure that health services continue in the event that a service provider goes bust. This lack of contingency planning was said to be a serious weakness in the plans for reform and represents an unacceptable risk. The conservative MP Richard Bacon called for the plans to be toughened up with improved accountability.
The demands are just one more dissenting voice to the government plans for reform which …