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Plans to tighten rules on the English language skills of European doctors have been welcomed throughout the profession.
Under current rules the General Medical Council (GMC) is unable to test the language and communication skills of doctors coming from Europe to practice in the UK. This can only be done by individual NHS employers.
However, speaking at the Conservative Party Conference, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley announced that the GMC will be allocated powers that will allow them to take necessary action against anyone with concerning communication skills.
What’s more, NHS bodies will have …

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According to the General Medical Council (GMC), around 12,000 new doctors begin working each year for the NHS – be it in full-time, part-time or locum positions.  Following the publication of a new report, it’s now feared that some of these individuals, which include new doctors entering clinical practice for the first time, as well as thousands of foreign doctors, might not be fully prepared to begin treating patients un-supervised.
After some tragic events over the previous years, where foreign doctors providing out-of-hours services for the NHS made fatal mistakes treating …

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A man is fighting for compensation and a formal investigation conducted by the General medical Council (GMC) after a mistake by a surgeon left him with parts of the brain removed unnecessarily.
John Tunney, formally a paramedic for the West Midlands ambulance service, was admitted for surgery after a 2008 biopsy showed a tumour within the pituitary gland. However, during surgery Mr Tunney haemorrhaged and was left with life long brain damage after unnecessary brain surgery was undertaken.
Instead of removing tissue from the tumour, the surgeon, from Coventry’s Walsgrave hospital, removed …

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A vascular surgeon, who botched several operations at the Scarborough hospital,Yorkshire, has been suspended for 12 months by the General Medical Council.
Nayef El-Barghouty, a consultant in vascular and general surgery, was found by the GMC to have caused death and serious harm during operations which he then lied about during an inquest.
In January 2008, during what should have been a routine removal of a thyroid gland, Barghouty severed the vocal cords of his patient Joanne Roche, 42, leading her to need a tracheotomy to enable her to breathe.
In 2009, Mr …

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Women could find it harder to obtain an abortion as a growing number of doctors are opposed to carrying them out.
A survey of the views of medical students found that almost half believe that doctors should be able to refuse treatments or procedures that they object to on moral or religious grounds.
Of all treatments questioned, abortion provoked the strongest reaction. Almost a third of the 733 students surveyed stated that they would not perform an abortion after 24 weeks for a foetus with congenital deformities. A quarter would not perform …