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Over half of special care baby units In England do not even meet minimum government standards according to a survey by the charity Bliss.
The charity, fund-raisers for specialist care for babies, found that cuts in staffing levels in over 30% of the country’s 172 neonatal care units was “significantly affecting the care of babies.”
According to the Department of Health, at least 70% of midwives and nurses working within neonatal settings should be fully qualified in providing specialist care, but over half of units did not reach this target.
What’s more, units …

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nhs staff

The Health Minister for Wales, Lesley Griffiths, has only been in the job since May this year. But she has now pledged to take the flak for the huge number of changes that are coming to the health service.
The Public Health Wales conference was the platform for her impassioned speech. She promised to improve the maternity care that is currently available for women, and also described the two stage plan that was aimed at changing and improving the NHS.
She also pointed out the gap between the rich and the poor …

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houses of parliament

Lib Dem backbenchers are preparing to revolt in opposition to the government’s health and social care bill, demanding further changes be made.
Former Liberal Democrat Evan Harris and Lady Shirley Williams plan to stage a motion in Birmingham to draw attention to their views, after they gained more support than they expected in a vote this week. 16 out of 24 liberal democrat backbenchers voted against the changes, even after amendments made as an outcome of the listening exercise.
Lady Williams has shown concern that the amendments didn’t go far enough in …

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money for compensation

The new NHS reforms will offer “genuine opportunities” for areas of the NHS to be taken over by the private sector according to the Health Minister responsible for pushing the bill through parliament the House of Lords.
Speaking at an independent Healthcare forum today Lord Howe said that although the NHS will “not give up their patients easily,” opportunities are there for public sector companies to become involved.
However, he added that it shouldn’t be seen as was to make a “fast buck” but a chance to, “stand on your own merits …

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medicine pills

 The Department of Health (DH) aim to create a group that will aid in reducing the £300m which is wasted on unused medicines each year throughout the NHS.
The DH has estimated that medicine wastage accounts for £300m of NHS spending every year, around half of which, they suggest, is avoidable. Furthermore, another £500m is wasted because patients do not take medicines properly and therefore do not get the full benefits of them.
Robert Johnstone, a trustee of health and social care charity National Voices, and Rob Darracott, chief executive of community …

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houses of parliament

Labour has condemned the NHS reforms process as “rushed and reckless,” as the coalition decide not to allow full scrutiny of the reform amendments.
Shadow health secretary John Healey said, “The way David Cameron’s government is dealing with the NHS and parliament is a disgrace,” before adding, “NHS patients and staff have seen a wasted year of chaos, confusion and incompetence. It’s clear today this will continue, with the NHS set to be deeply mired in more centralisation, more complex bureaucracy and more wasted cost in the years to come.”
It was …

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alcohol admissions top one million

The NHS information centre has reported that over 1 million people across England and Wales were admitted to hospital for alcohol related problems in the year 2009/2010.
What’s more, alcohol dependency cost the NHS £2.41 million in prescription costs alone in the same year. It’s thought the overall cost of drink related ailments across the NHS could run into the billions.
It has been suggested that the acceptability of heavy drinking and availability of cheap alcohol in supermarkets, combined with the stress of financial worries brought on by the recession has encouraged …

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After months of objections from politicians and charities, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley yesterday confirmed that the cancer networks, which help aid Primary Care Trusts in the treatment of cancer patients, will be safe when reforms are put into place. Until now Lansley had made clear that it would be up to the proposed GP consortiums as to which services would receive funding, but last night he announced that the government, “will fund and support cancer networks in 2012-13, (and) the NHS commissioning board will thereafter continue to support strengthened cancer …