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nhs stethoscope

We have long been advised to drink “six to eight glasses of water or other fluids a day” according to official NHS guidelines. But a GP from Glasgow has hit the headlines this week after stating that these guidelines are “nonsense.” Dr Margaret McCartney said “it would seem that water is not a simple solution to multiple health problems.”
The week’s news has also been punctuated by reports of the potential consequences of drinking too much water. Real life stories of people who have been addicted to water and ended up …

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obesity in the uk

A new study claims that obesity is the biggest avoidable cause of breast cancer.
The researchers, based at Oxford university, looked at the levels of hormones known to trigger breast cancer in women. They found that obesity had a much bigger influence on these hormones than very heavy smoking or alcohol consumption.
On average, obese women had testosterone levels 16% higher than those of normal weight and oestrogen levels at 50% higher. Furthermore, they found that smoking 15 cigarettes a day and drinking two and a half units of alcohol a day …

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elderly man

The Department of Health issued a ‘Dementia Commissioning Pack’ yesterday (Thursday 21/07/11) warning of the dangers of routinely prescribing anti-psychotic drugs to those with dementia.
Thousands of people across the UK are taking a chemical cocktail of drugs – many unnecessarily – that potentially cause health problems that can be fatal.  These drugs can cause other medical conditions to worsen, with the likelihood of a CVA (stroke) being one of the highest risks.  They are also known to speed up the rate of mental decline.
It’s estimated that five people per day …

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Sir Richard Thompson, the president of the Royal College of Physicians, has spoken out at the state of the NHS and its waiting lists, as they get ever longer in various parts of the country.
He said recently that “the apparent rise in waiting lists is both worrying for patients and evidence of an underlying cause – the increasing pressures on the NHS in general.”
Official data from the NHS shows that waiting lists have got longer since the new coalition government came to power last year. Sir Richard went on to …

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effect of coffee on prostate cancer

Researchers have carried out a detailed study involving 47,911 men over almost 20 years to assess the effects of drinking relatively large amounts of coffee on the risks of contracting prostate cancer. The results showed that drinking more than six cups of coffee a day resulted in an 18% reduction in the probability of contracting the disease and also a 60% reduction in the probability that the prostate cancer would prove fatal. It did not seem to matter if the coffee was caffeinated or not.
The research was carried out in the …