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elderly man

The Department of Health issued a ‘Dementia Commissioning Pack’ yesterday (Thursday 21/07/11) warning of the dangers of routinely prescribing anti-psychotic drugs to those with dementia.
Thousands of people across the UK are taking a chemical cocktail of drugs – many unnecessarily – that potentially cause health problems that can be fatal.  These drugs can cause other medical conditions to worsen, with the likelihood of a CVA (stroke) being one of the highest risks.  They are also known to speed up the rate of mental decline.
It’s estimated that five people per day …

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houses of parliament

The Tories have had to assure fellow party members that the diluting of changes within the NHS reform bill has not crossed the Tory red lines, despite Lib Dems claiming it a victory in their favour.
The Government is set to accept a heavily amended version of the original Health Reforms Bill but Lansley stressed that core principles remain in place.
Changes are set to include;

Ensuring Monitor, the health service regulator, does not promote competition.
The widening of membership to GP led consortium’s to ensure, “effective multi-professional involvement in the design and commissioning …

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houses of parliament

The Health and Social Care Bill 2011 proposes far reaching reforms of the National Health Service in the UK. These reforms include the creation of an independent NHS Board, improved patient choice and significant reductions in the costs of administration. The reduction in costs involves cutting the number of different health bodies responsible for health care provision including Primary Care Trusts and Strategic Health Authorities.
To pass into law a bill has to clear 5 distinct stages in both the Commons and the Lords before receiving Royal Assent. These stages are;

First …

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nhs pills

After months of objections from politicians and charities, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley yesterday confirmed that the cancer networks, which help aid Primary Care Trusts in the treatment of cancer patients, will be safe when reforms are put into place. Until now Lansley had made clear that it would be up to the proposed GP consortiums as to which services would receive funding, but last night he announced that the government, “will fund and support cancer networks in 2012-13, (and) the NHS commissioning board will thereafter continue to support strengthened cancer …