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The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) has been outed from the government’s advisory service despite a successful 40 year track record and has been replaced by the controversial anti-abortion group Life.
Alongside a re-shuffle of the organisations involved, the government has also replaced it’s Independent Advisory Group with the new Sexual Health Forum with an aim to advise the government on matters of sexual health.
Stuart Cowie, Head of Education for Life, expressed his delight at being invited to the forum adding that Life, “represent(s) views that have not always been around …

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Yesterday’s Prime Minister’s Questions turned into a bitter exchange of accusations between Labour leader Ed Milliband and the PM over controversial NHS reforms. After plans for reform were put on hold last month, Milliband yesterday accused the Conservative leader of conducting a ‘sham’ consultation exercise and claimed it was proof that he thought something had gone wrong. 
Cameron confirmed that the reason for the delay is that the government is determined to get the reforms right. He also confirmed that he had received a letter containing the signatures of 42 significant GP’s …

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Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has threatened to veto plans for NHS reform unless they are altered. After their astonishing landslide in the recent elections, Nick Clegg intends to act on pleas to give the Liberal Democrats more say within government stating, “the message I’ve heard on the doorstep is people want to hear a louder Liberal Democrat voice in Government. It’s already very loud inside Government, we’ve got to make sure that people hear it outside Government.”
Clegg made clear his first battle will be over Health Secretary Andrew Lansley’s …

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Nick Clegg appeared on the Andrew Marr show this morning vowing to stop NHS Reforms with the statement that “no bill is better than a bad one”. He called for “substantial, significant changes” to the bill, promising that he would veto the current plans unless the changes were made.
The recent disastrous results in local elections has convinced Clegg that he must be seen to stand up and make his voice heard in the coalition if the loss of more than 700 councillors in England is to be reversed in the …

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The NHS reforms currently under debate have led to demands from MP’s that the government needs to ensure plans are in place to make sure that health services continue in the event that a service provider goes bust. This lack of contingency planning was said to be a serious weakness in the plans for reform and represents an unacceptable risk. The conservative MP Richard Bacon called for the plans to be toughened up with improved accountability.
The demands are just one more dissenting voice to the government plans for reform which …