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An NHS trust is advising doctors to refrain from making a referral for investigation for patients suspected of having cancer, unless they can attend their appointment within two weeks.
Government guidelines suggest that patients suspected of having a tumour should have a referral to see a specialist within two weeks and so the move by the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust will ensure this target will be met.
However, it will also mean that patients could end up waiting longer than necessary to see a specialist.
Chief Executive of the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire …

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In a poll of 8000 nurses, the Royal College of Nursing concludes that huge numbers of it’s members believe their jobs are vulnerable.
Over 20,000 nurses believe that they will have lost their jobs by this time next year and almost 30,000 worry that they will lose responsibilities. In all, 75,000 nurses believe they may be made redundant, lose hours or be demoted within the next 12 months.
And it would seem that fears are justified as trusts across the country begin to reduce their numbers of mental health nurses in …

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Queen’s Hospital in Romford, Essex, is at the centre of an investigation after two women died not long after giving birth in the maternity unit there. The first woman, Sareena Ali, died there in January after having a heart attack brought on by a rupture in her womb. The second woman, Violet Stephens, died in April. This death occurred a month after a review into the services provided in the maternity unit. The review stated that essential standards were not being met.
There are reports that a total of twelve women …

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The first round of using stem cells to treat stroke victims has proved successful, meaning the trial has been given the go-ahead to continue.
UK company, ReNureon, is carrying out neural stem cell therapy, known as ReN001, in an attempt to aid patients who’ve been left severely damaged by a cerebrovascular accident (stroke).  This is the first trial in the world to use stem cells in order to reverse various paralysis and damage, and so far three patients have been treated.
An independent board has been monitoring the trial that has taken …

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Some universities and hospitals are to benefit from a £800m record funding boost for medical research the Prime Minister has declared.
The money, will be spent throughout a five year period in hopes of improving diagnoses and treatments for patients with diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.
The research will be managed by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and be carried out by collaborations between universities and NHS trusts.
The largest amount, £112m, will go to the Imperial College and Imperial NHS trust, for it’s work in genetics, cancer and …

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The NHS is wasting millions of pounds every day on basic equipment and goods.
Eastern and Coastal Kent NHS Trust has revealed that coeliac sufferers can no longer have some gluten free products on prescription given that they were being charged almost £50 for a £2 pack of gluten free pasta.
Alison Issott, assistant director of medicines management at the Trust said that, ‘It will cost £5 from the manufacturer, plus a £1 dispensing fee, £1 pharmacy fee and a delivery charge up to £40.”
She added, ‘As a wide range of gluten-free …

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Following complaints from patients, East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust have now issued doctors, nurses and other staff with strict uniform guidelines.  These include a ban on staff exposing their midriff or showing excessive cleavage.  The six page dress code applies to both uniform and non-uniform staff and also bans the wearing of denim, mini-skirts, leggings or shorts whilst at work.
The policy has always been in place, but after receiving a series of complaints it was re-vamped in March of this year.  It has been agreed by both Trade Unions …

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The way in which long term medical conditions are managed must be reformed according to Sir John Oldham, Department of Health’s Clinical lead on Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP).
He predicts that by 2050 the number of people suffering with multiple long term conditions will triple, putting huge strain on NHS resources.
He explains that the best way forward will be to integrate care given to patients at a local level stating that we currently have, “we have a Monty Pythonesque queue of people outside a person’s house, it segments a …