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Take out Private Medical Insurance Before it’s Too Late

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With continuing delaying tactics of the NHS for non-life threatening operations, the Association of Medical Insurance Intermediaries (AMII) have warned against the perils of waiting until later in life to purchase private medical insurance.

The advice for those considering a private health insurance policy is to take it out before reaching middle age.  The longer a person leaves it, the more likely they are to have a pre-existing medical condition that private insurance would not cover.

The AMII say that as we age, the natural wear and tear on the body can lead to the need for certain elective procedures.  These include cataract operations or knee replacements that, whilst not life-threatening, can have serious impact on a person’s quality of life.

The Chairman of the AMII, Andrew Tripp, is advising that choosing to take advantage of private medical insurance can both shorten waiting times for elective surgery and prove a cost effective way of paying for it.  But he warns that, as with any type of insurance, it’s necessary to have it before the problem occurs, rather than waiting for a condition to arise by which time it’s too late.

The advice has come out at a time when a survey conducted by the insurance company, Aviva, has shown that in the last year over 25 per cent of patients in the UK waited more than a week to get an appointment with their GP.

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