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Tory Alarm as Lib Dem’s ‘Claim’ Victory

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The Tories have had to assure fellow party members that the diluting of changes within the NHS reform bill has not crossed the Tory red lines, despite Lib Dems claiming it a victory in their favour.

The Government is set to accept a heavily amended version of the original Health Reforms Bill but Lansley stressed that core principles remain in place.

Changes are set to include;

  • Ensuring Monitor, the health service regulator, does not promote competition.
  • The widening of membership to GP led consortium’s to ensure, “effective multi-professional involvement in the design and commissioning of services”.
  • The government “should not seek to increase the role of the private sector as an end in itself”.
  • The 2013 deadline for completion of the reforms will be relaxed.

Today Clegg said of the changes, “Our overall demands: slow the pace of change, don’t give preference to the private sector and proper accountability – all of these things have been very, very handsomely met. The bill is now a whole lot better and will make sure decisions are taken in the best interests of patients. It’s been a fantastic collective effort.”

Some Tory MP’s have expressed alarm at the Lib Dem’s claims of victory. One senior Tory MP added, “I think I am going to bite my tongue and go along with this out of respect for Lansley.”

However, David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Lansley will put on a show of unity when they give their response to the Future Forum report on the NHS reforms in an appearance at a London hospital.

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